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Zion is a rural faith community with a small-town feel, receiving the Lord's gifts every Sunday at 10:30 AM.

Here you'll find solid biblical preaching, a liturgy rich with the word of God, and songs of the faith that are deep in meaning...a beautiful worship space, set apart from the everyday, in which to meet your crucified, risen, and ascended Lord and Savior...Christ's body and blood, given and shed for you for the forgiveness of your sins. Join us for Divine Service and find the peace and joy that only Jesus can give!

The sacrament of Holy Communion is usually celebrated the first and third Sundays of the month.

Zion Chancel
Founded in 1871, Zion is set in peaceful farmland, away from the bustle of the cities and the crowding of the mega-church.

Here you can get to know your brothers and sisters in Christ, be the family of God together as you feed on His word and sacraments and serve your neighbor.

You can also reap the benefits of a larger congregation, as Zion partners with its sister church, St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Green Isle, for ministries such as Vacation Bible School and LWML.

We hope you'll visit us soon!